Benefits of Membership


  • Identifying and interfacing with potential partners, buyers, collaborators and investors for Indian and American companies and entrepreneurs.
  • Drafting of typical joint venture agreements.
  • Arranging interface meeting with government officials/ industrialists.
  • Co-ordinating meetings with trade development mission.
  • Organizing summits, conventions and other meetings on national and bi-national issues.
  • Participating in exhibitions and trade fairs.
  • Conducting market demand studies and data collection.
  • Leading regular business and trade development missions to the USA.
  • Arranging regular learning programs on topical bilateral issues.
  • Forming Special Interest Groups such as IT, Small Business, Networking etc.
  • Obtain books, CDs and other information from The American Center library.
  • A Bi-monthly newsletter and a fortnightly E-letter is published containing relevant information.
  • Participate in IACC Business Delegations to USA and facilitate participation in the Joint Business Council meetings between US & Indian governments.
  • Provide information from the "Gujarat Branch - Information recourse center".           

              Illustrative list of information is as follows:

  • Statistical abstract of USA
  • USA's foreign trade and economic policies.
  • US custom duty, Tariff data.
  • Export-import procedures for Indian Businessmen.
  • Latest Notifications from Government bodies on FEMA EXIM Policy etc.
  • Current trends in foreign trade.
  • Database on US manufactures and Importers, Indian Exporters and Importers from  various industries.