About Us

The Vitthal Udhyognagar Industrial Association (VUIA) works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the growth of industry in the estate. VUIA is a non-government, not-for-profit, industry led and industry managed organisation, playing a proactive role in creating a bridge between the industry, regulatory authorities and customers.


  • To provide most effective contribution to the cause of Small and Medium Scale Industries.
  • To achieve social harmony and peace amongst entrepreneurs, workers and employees with collective prosperity through partnership of trust.
  • To participate in policy formulation process and support efforts with the Government of Gujarat.
  • To attain and sustain acceptable levels of Health, Hygiene, Pollution standards and Environmental condition for people of this estate.

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Preamble Charotar and IT’S People
Origin of Vitthal Udyognagar Formation of VUIA
How Does V.U.I.A. Function? Fields of Activity
Accomplishments since Inception  


Vitthal Udyognagar Industries Association (V.U.I.A.) is an Association of Industries located in Vitthal Udyognagar, adjoining to Vallabh Vidyanagar Township in Charotar area of Anand district in Gujarat State.


Charotar and IT’S People

The fertile tract with abundant water resources and green trees between rivers MAHI and VATRAK in Kheda District is known as ‘CHAROTAR’. People of Charotar are hard working. Their outstanding character is that they possess robust commonsense and are down to earth and practical. They are generally bold, enterprising, informal and straightforward. They neither mince words nor hesitate to call spade a spade. Being resourceful and dynamic, they are quick to move with changing times. Being warm-hearted, they easily make friends. In adversity there can be no better friend than the one from Charotar. He can be difficult person too, if you cross swords with him and yet reconciliation with him is always possible since he is generally lion-hearted and inclined to forget and forgive.


Origin of Vitthal Udyognagar

Having observed that youth from rural areas of not only Charotar but all over India migrate to cities in pursuit of higher education, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who hailed from Karasmad village of Charotar inspired late Shri Bhailalbhai Patel, popularly know as “Bhaikaka” and Bhikhabhai Patel to take in hand a project to establish a center of higher education in rural area of Charotar. Thus came into being the educational township of Vallabh Vidyanagar, which is now the seat of Sardar Patel University. Vallabh Vidyanagar, the education township named after Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the First Deputy Prime Minister of independent India and the architect of its integration, can today boast of almost every faculty providing education from K. G. to Ph.D. Level.

Shri H. M. Patel, I.C.S. Retd. Former Finance Minister of India, who took over reins of the Educational Institution – Charotar Vidya Mandal from late Shri Bhaikaka in 1958–59 realised that youth of Charotar would continue to migrate, albeit few years after graduation to the cities in search of jobs. He therefore conceived the project of establishing an industrial estate near the educational township of Vallabh Vidyanagar and named it after another illustrious son of Charotar – the first Indian Chairman of the Central Legislative Council during the British regime – Shri Vitthalbhai Patel, the elder brother of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Shri H. M. Patel invited leading Industrialists of Charotar, who had their industries in Mumbai and elsewhere to come to Vallabh Vidyanagar and establish their units. He promised them all possible help in procuring principal infrastructure facilities such as Land, Power and Water. It was in response to his invitation that large units like Elecon Engineering Company Limited, Gujarat Manufacturing Company Limited, were established in this area. Shri H.M.Patel had initially planned the establishment of a private sector company known as “Vitthal Udyognagar Industrial Development Company Private Limited”, but after the formation of separate State of Gujarat on 1st May 1960 Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation was formed which took over the work of development of the industrial Estate of Vitthal Udyognagar.


Formation of VUIA

Within a few years of its establishment, the industrial Estate at V.U.Nagar started expanding. Later when the Karamsad Gram Panchayat, in whose revenue limits V.U.Nagar falls, for the first time clamped heavy Octroi Duty, all large and small industrialists rose untidily in protest and formed the present V.U.I.A. under the leadership of Shri B.I.Patel of Elecon Engg. Co. Ltd., and Shri J.V.Patel of Gujarat Machinery Manufacturers Ltd., to safeguard the industrial interests. The Association has since not looked back and grown into one of the most formidable, forceful, dynamic and vocal Associations of industries in Gujarat undertaking a variety of activities for the benefit of all the industrial Units.


How Does V.U.I.A. Function?

General Body of the members elects the Executive Committee, which in turn elects its office bearers. For each subject, field of its activity there is a sub-committee headed by a Convenor who articulates the issue confronting the industrial Units and in co.ordination with the office bearers takes up the issues with the concerned Government, Semi government or corporate authorities. Besides he also organises periodical meetings of the concerned authorities with Association members for fruitful exchange of views and expeditious resolution of problems. On major issues the President, Vice President or General Secretary lead delegations of the Association to concerned Government Secretaries or Ministers, represent the problem personally, submit Memoranda and seek speedy solutions.



  1. Liasioning of issues with:

    • Gujarat Industrial Development Corpn.
    • Central Excise and Custom Department
    • Gujarat Electricity Board – MGVCL
    • Banks and Financial Institutions.
    • Gujarat Small Industries Corporation
    • National Small Industries Corporation
    • Post and Telegraphs Department
    • Telecom Department (BSNL)
    • Railways & State Transport (S.T.)
    • Industries Department
    • Factory Inspectorate
    • Provident Fund Commissioner
    • Labour Commission
    • Gujarat Pollution Control Board,
    • Weight & Measurements and so on.

  2. Various Activities:

    • Running a state of the art Community Hall for Meetings and Community activities.
    • Voluntary Health Care Scheme for Industrial workers and their families.
    • Providing Fax & Xerox facility for Communication to Member Units.
    • Running of School & Balwadi for children of Industrial Workers.
    • Organising Training Programmes / Seminars.
    • Providing library facilities for industrial units.
    • Assistance in providing housing facilities for industrial staff.
    • Publishing a House Journal “CHANNEL”.
    • Maintenance of streetlights in the Industrial Estate.
    • Taking up any other service of common interest to members.
    • Signed MOU with various educational institutes.
    • Organizing Blood Donation Camp, SAFAI ABHIYAN, Industrial Visits, etc.
    • Sport activities for industrial workers like Cricket tournament, Volley Ball Tournaments, etc.

Accomplishments since Inception:

  1. Steadily built up a formidable membership consisting of 850 Plus members as on 31.3.2015.
  2. Secured exemption from Octroi duty for the units in the industrial Estate.
  3. Government Notified Area Committee constituted.
  4. Built a state of art Community Hall providing a variety of service facilities to members.
  5. Ensured Manual Telephone Exchange to be replaced by an Electronic one in a new plot and building for it in Vitthal Udyognagar.
  6. Effectively assisted member units in procuring key Raw Materials in that has been in short supply.
  7. Through an effectively organized agitation forced the State Government and MGVCL to make substantial reduction in enhancement made in Industrial Tariff Rates.
  8. Affiliation of V.U.I.A. : 
    1. Federation of Industries & Associations – Gujarat (F.I.A.), Ahmedabad.
    2. Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (G.C.C.I.), Ahmedabad.
    3. Federation of Association of Small Industries of India, New Delhi (FASII).
    4. Confederation of Indian Industry (C.I.I.), Western Region, Mumbai.
    5. Federation of Gujarat Mills & Industries (F.G.I.), Vadodara.
      1. M.O.U.’s with educational institutes : 
        • Charotar University of Science and Technology (CHARUSAT), Changa.
        • Birla Vshwakarma Mahavidyalaya, Vallabh Vidyanagar.
        • G. H. Patel Collage of Engineering & Technology (GCET), Vallabh Vidyanagar.
        • A. D. Patel Institute of Technology (ADIT), New Vidyanagar.
      2. Successfully persuaded GIDC to scale down enhancement made by it in its plot and shed prices as well as rentals and water charges.
      3. Road naming & numbering for facilitating easy location of various industrial units.
      4. Successfully prevented extension of application of ESI Scheme to Industrial Units in Vitthal Udyognagar by framing and implementing VUIA’s Voluntary Health Care Scheme in Collaboration with Shree Krishna Hospital of Charutar Arogya Mandal, Karamsad.

Built a Medical Extension Centre in the Association campus having qualified doctors, nurses and dispensary

  1. Actively helped to maintain by and large a steady industrial peace in the area
  2. Attained a stature and a status for the Association where its voice has to be heard and cannot easily be ignored. VUIA can, without being immodest claim that it is today one of the most dynamic, forceful and effective Industrial Associations in the State of Gujarat.
  3. Running a Balwadi for primary education for the children of industrial workers of this area, A new building with complete infrastructure is running. 
  4. Has been responsible in minimizing industrial sickness by rigorously interacting with financial institutions.
  5. Ensured withdrawal of Infrastructure Tax levied by G.I.D.C.

Successfully handled & completed Critical Infrastructure Development Projects - I , II & III. ( Government projects).




  • Road Strengthening & Widening
  • Pipe & Slab Culvers.
  • Strom water drainage.
  • Water Supply System up gradation.
  • Underground Electrification.
  • Road Strengthening & Widening
  • Strom Water Drainage
  • Road Strengthening & Widening
  • Overhead Water Tank.
  • City Bus stands.